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Bloomington enjoys a vibrant downtown featuring specialty shops, art galleries, restaurants and live music clubs. The city is home to the beautiful Indiana University campus. Come experience big city style nestled in the uplands of scenic south-central Indiana. Close by are state and national forests, 3 state parks and Lake Monroe, Indiana’s largest reservoir. From Broadway plays to spelunking, Bloomington offers an atmosphere of vitality for all ages.
Approximately one-half of the nation’s population resides within a one-day drive of Bloomington. Indianapolis, a 50 mile commute north, offers immediate access to more interstates than any other city in the United States. The Indianapolis International Airport is a regional hub with 14 airlines scheduling flights throughout the US and overseas.

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You are welcome to search real estate for sale in the Bloomington Indiana area including Indiana University, Lake Monroe, Lake Lemon, Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, and communities in the surrounding counties including Spencer in Owen County, Bloomfield in Greene County, Bedford in Lawrence County, and Nashville in Brown County.

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